Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Owl Has Arrived

Gasp! I finally got my hands on my package from our headmistress Miss Wartbobble. The owl is very hungry, tired and upset. He's been waiting on me since Saturday. Poor thing. I was out of town and couldn't get to the post office in time from work to pick him up. I had to feed him a few mice and give him a warm spot in the Christmas tree to settle down for the evening. I think he feels better now.

Now for the good stuff:

A gorgeous lined in Slytherin green purse - possibly a Booga Bag? Love it. I've already dumped my things into it.

Two patterns: Zig Zag Socks and a French Market Bag that I've been jonesing for in my queue

Regia sock yarn in awesome warm colors

Lambs Pride Wool/Mohair blend that is screaming "make me into a hat" It would match my coat perfectly'!Sock needles - yay - metal, size 2s - I have been dying to use metal dpn sock needles!

Straight needles - 2.75 and 3.25 - I'm such a lucky girl!

Twizzlers - my two year old and I have already been into them

M&M Premiums - 3 layers of milk, white and dark chocolate - need I say more?

Soak - scented and unscented fiber wash - I currently have nothing

I bow to you Headmistress! My package was perfect! Thank you so much!