Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here I Go Again!

It's been a looong while since I blogged, but I need too. Even if this is my very own on-line journal, I need to purge some thoughts and feelings. It's summer break w/ the munchkin and I can't believe how she is growing up. Scares me. Pure innocence and freedom. I watch t.v. and see all of the horrible things that happen and I'm so scared for her. We walk out our door and I am in protection mode. Paranoid much?

Next topic, I have to have more patience w/ people. I do not deal well with the martyr syndrome. Poor me. A constant drone of getting a raw deal really gets on my nerves. I'm not talking about people w/ real struggles. Let's give THEM our time.

I have my own faults, plenty. I think of them every day. It is a constant struggle for me to be patient w/ people I don't really like. I don't know how to grin and bear it. I'm moody, and a whole list of other things. However, I don't feel sorry for myself and have never been that type of person. So that is hard for me to listen to on a constant basis from people who really shouldn't. There! Done w/ that for the moment.