Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chapter 10

The drunk, Professor Trelawney giving a card reading and as usual, she sounds as if she is just talking jibberish. We look into the mind of Bob Ogden and see that the Gaunt family tree is full of in-breeding and insanity. We also learn that the last of Salzar Slythern's family was living in poverty. We meet Merope, Voldemort’s mother and Tom Riddle Senior. She uses a curse on him and possibly a love potion to gain his “love”. Merope stops using both eventually on Tom and he wakes up, and leaves Merope pregnant. In her depression, she slowly starts dying. We do find out that Professor Dumbledore has found the ring-with the Perverell coat of arms engraved on the stone-, was wearing it when him and Harry went to talk with Professor Slughorn. It is also left for translation, that is how the Professor injured his hand.
It now shows us that the GREAT LORD VOLDEMORT is nothing but a fake and not the Pureblood that he says he is. Carring on the great family pride and deluisions of grandeur.

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